Company Profile

We understand small business and startups because we are one.
Even though we’re small, we’re a highly charged creative business that understands what motivates people. We connect brands and customers in the places where people connect.

Close friends, Keir Robertson and Lee Musham, founded Intuit in 2010. Both were designers with the same values: integrity, honesty and trust. They were also hell-bent on doing their own thing. From those first few years (including time served in a home office), they’ve grown Intuit into a beautifully formed boutique agency with talent and tenacity.

We’ve worked with some large, iconic brands on planet Intuit, but our primary focus has been on creating change, growth and success for small to medium sized businesses. We can do this thanks to our decades worth of knowledge and experience working in ad agencies and design companies around the globe.

Nobody hires us to create something ordinary. At Intuit we work at the intersection of design, content and technology, where business problems meet creative solutions.

We’re capable of answering any creative brief and solving any business problem.

Our goal is to continually create value for our clients, which is made easier when we’re given the opportunity to challenge conventional thinking. We know that good creative can help achieve our clients’ goals, especially when they view us as an extension of their team, or a long-term partner.

Our People

We have a strong team of very experienced, passionate and dedicated experts focused on your success. We take pride in serving our customers and exceeding their expectations. When you engage Intuit we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Our passion for design goes beyond beautiful imagery and
into the mind of the consumer. 

  • Keir

    Nick Name:
    Chewie (Ask him why)


    Principal + design stuff

    Titles: Creative Director, Account Manager, Addiction Councillor.
    Expertise: Brand creation and stewardship. Corporate comms, banking, insurance and diplomacy.
    Animal totem: The Wookie; usually calm, gentle and mild-mannered, but not when provoked.
    Drinks: Long black, short black, flat white, Latte, Turkish, Irish, taken orally or intravenously.
    Fave Quote: Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.
    Interests: Experimenting in the kitchen with mixed results.
    Ambitions: To incite a coup overthrowing the current corrupt, ineffective governmental system and become the benevolent dictator of New Zealand.

  • Lee

    Nick Name:
    Token (Ask him why)


    Principal + design stuff

    Titles: Creative Director, Studio Manager, Tea Lady, Accounts
    Expertise: Packaging, FMCG, retail, campaigns, promotions and ridiculous deadlines.
    Animal totem: The Otter; fast, inquisitive, agile, cheeky, brown and likes seafood.
    Drinks: Coffee, tea, beer, repeat.
    Fave Quote: Never raise your hand to your children - it leaves your midsection unprotected.
    Interests: Finding things to cut down with his chainsaw.
    Ambitions: To master the art of Yoga so he can clean himself like cats and dogs do.

  • Will

    Nick Name:
    Fat Boy Slim (Ask him why)


    Strategy + writing

    Titles: Strategic Copywriter, Brand Strategist, P.I, Protagonist.
    Expertise: Brand development, Story telling, Copywriting, Digital Strategies, Social Media.
    Animal totem: Staffordshire Bull Terrier; loyal, strong, smart, funny, protective, energetic.
    Drinks: Japanese Sencha Green Tea, water. I’m a recovering caffeine addict.
    Fave Quote: Knowledge speaks; wisdom listens.
    Interests: Living enlightened.
    Ambitions: To live super-comfortably off my art and writing, otherwise plan and execute the biggest financial heist in history (against corrupt corporations) and get away with it.

Social Business

We’re community minded, so giving back is important to us. That’s why, as well as supporting our local communities, we support one charity each year. We do this through work and heavy subsidies, so they can continue to impact the lives of the people they serve. We don’t do this simply out of a sense of duty or corporate responsibility, but because it genuinely matters to us… and it makes us feel good. 

  • Maybe you could help?
  • Variety - The Children's Charity