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10 Jun 15

Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo

Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News 'Logo Design Love'  a few quick questions about Hillary Clinton’s logo.

What do you think of the logo?
It’s an appropriate idea. I’d execute it slightly differently, perhaps by removing the harshness of the angles, or adding more contrast between the red and blue areas. And while there’s been a lot of negative comments on the mark, some people are too quick to knock the work of their peers. I like to remind myself of a few things before being overly critical.

What makes a good political campaign logo?
It should have the same traits as any good logo — it needs to be appropriate for who or what it identifies, it should stand out amongst the competition, and it should be simple enough in appearance to be remembered after a quick glance.

Do you agree with any of the criticism that it’s too simple/tentative, or that it borrows too much from the WikiLeaks logo?

... and our thoughts? Cold – clinical and lacking warmth. Falling back on the old 'red and blue' feels tired too but we know it's the Democrat colour palette.


hillary clinton logo 750x410

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